Forum’s Palace is comparably new construction and is already accepted as one of the greatest buildings of Tashkent city. On 1st September, 2009 the palace was opened for its 1st event – ceremonial meeting and concert dedicated to 2200-years anniversary of Tashkent. Forum’s Palace has become the main place of conducting big events as well
In the State Museum of Temurids that is situated near the Amir Temur Square one can learn much of the life and activities of Temurids’ dynasty. Exterior architectural view of the museum is done in the shape of a crown and decorated by rubbed turquoise dome. Museum has three entrance doors decorated with wooden carving
Abdulkasim Madrasah being located in the southern part of Tashkent, not far from former gate Beshyagach, reminds of beauty of ancient architecture in Tashkent. Archeological investigations, historical documents and national legends tell us that “the first stone” to Abdulkasim Madrasah was put at the beginning of 19th century. Abdulkasim Madrasah is a monument to Abdulkasim
Kaffal-Shashiy Mausoleum represents a rare version of a multichamber mausoleum - a khanaka of the mid-16th century with an asymmetric layout; it has preserved a unique decor for Tashkent, with its majolica from the 16th century and with historical inscription containing the names of master architects and dates of construction – 1541-1542. This monument is
Zangi-Ata architectural complex is located in Zangi-Ata settlement near Tashkent. The ensemble has been built on the location of the burial place of sheikh Ay-Khodja nicknamed Zangi-Ata ("black") living from the end of 12th to first half of 13th century. As the legend says, the beginning of the construction of this ensemble was initiated by
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