“Mustaqillik” Square (Independence Square) is the main square of Tashkent. There is a monument to Independence and Humanism in the center of the square. There is a bronze sphere on the top in the shape of a planet where the territory of our republic is engraved as a symbol of the admission of our state sovereignty by world community. On the pedestal there is a monument of Happy mother with a baby that symbolizes a young independent country.

On the same line with this monument there is “Ezgulik” Arch – the arch of kind and noble strivings decorated with stork birds. The arch is 150 meters at length and 10 meters height at sides, and in the central portal it reaches up to 12 meters. Sixteen columns are decorated with white marble. The track leading to the center of the square is also covered with white tiles.

Several administrative buildings are situated here on the square, such as: Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, white building of Senate, Ministry of Finance of Uzbekistan.