Tourist seasons

Due to the peculiarities of climate, first half of tourist season in Uzbekistan falls on spring months that are: March, April and May; the second half is in August, September and October. Besides, there is tourist activity in winter months for the lovers of mountains and winter sports (skiing, snowboarding, etc.).


There over thousand national dishes in Uzbek cuisine. Uzbekistan is famous with its unforgettably delicious fruits and vegetables grown under the tender oriental sun. There are about 100 varieties of Uzbek pilaf prepared in a different way at each of the regions. The most favorite drink is tea, especially green tea without sugar. The caloric content and ecological cleanliness of local foodstuffs is unique. Uzbek cuisine cannot be described, it has to be tried and tasted only.


We recommend you very light and loose clothing (preferably cotton or natural fibres) for daytime use, with a light jumper or casual jacket for the cooler evenings. Because of the large amount of sightseeing on foot in dry, dusty and sometimes rough areas (i.e. dirt, cobblestones, etc.), comfortable, solid walking shoes with strong soles and support are essential. You may be required to remove your shoes upon entry to some of the religious sites. There are no special clothing requirements for visiting Islamic religious sites, except that sometimes you should take care to cover most parts of your body including your arms and legs.
Travelers are encouraged to dress for comfort rather than fashion. Valuable jewelry and any clothing requiring special attention should be left at home. Due to the very high danger of sunburn, your clothing should offer as much protection as possible (a hat with good shade protection and sunglasses are essential).


You will be traveling in areas which are largely free of major infectious diseases, so there are no official vaccination requirements for foreign visitors. However, we strongly advise you to consult your physician or Vaccination Centre for current health warnings and recommended vaccinations.

As it is practically inevitable in areas where water is high in mineral and metallic salts (as is the case with Central Asia) one should be prepared for minor gastric conditions. Consult your physician or pharmacist for recommended remedies. One of the main health warnings is dehydration. All the times maintain a steady intake of non-alcoholic liquids.

Sunburn is another major problem. Bring adequate suntan lotion and a wide brimmed hat. You may also bring a supply of vitamins, throat lozenges, and throat gargle to prevent basic infections, cold/flu tablets, aspirins, Band-Aids, antiseptics and antibacterial cream.


Individual safety boxes are not always available in all the hotels of Uzbekistan. All the times you should carry with yourself the main and valuable documents as: currency, traveler’s checks, air tickets, passports, visas etc. In accordance with local laws, you will be required to hand in your passport to the hotel reception on arrival to allow registration of your passport details by the hotel. Do not forget to collect it before departure.


Travelers in Uzbekistan will be pleasantly surprised by the interesting jewelry, clothing and local handicrafts. Books, postcards and maps are other popular souvenirs. There are restrictions on exporting carpets and some antiquarian production from the country. So that, we recommend you to ask your tour guide for detailed up-to-date information on this matter before purchasing one.


You will be responsible for covering the cost of your hotel incidentals such as phone calls, room service, mini-bar in your room, laundry and etc. Before departing from all hotels on the tour, please ensure that you have checked with the front desk for any personal charges that the hotel may have made to your room.