Amir Timur Square is one the most popular place for the rest of citizens of Tashkent and guests of the capital city.

Square is surrounded by several administrative buildings. The biggest of them is a building of “Uzbekistan” hotel which has 17 floors. Across the street, on Istiqlol Street, there is a branch of the bank, which is situated inside of the building of 19th century. The main object of the square is a monument to Amir Timur which is situated at the center of the area. The governor is depicted wearing royal military clothing and sitting on a horse, because the majority of his life he had spent in military campaigns. There is no weapon in his hands and he’s stretching his hand towards as a sign of care over his people. There is a motto of Amir Temur on his monument written in four languages: “Power is in justice”.

A famous statesman and commander Amir Temur was born in the village Khodja Ilgar, not far from Shakhrisabz. He was a son of Taragay from Barlos’s dynasty. From the young ages, Temur participated at different wars, learned the system of governing. He ruled an empire for nearly forty years and established huge state. He was a great commander by establishing centralized state in Movarrounnahr.