Abdulkasim Madrasah

Abdulkasim Madrasah being located in the southern part of Tashkent, not far from former gate Beshyagach, reminds of beauty of ancient architecture in Tashkent. Archeological investigations, historical documents and national legends tell us that “the first stone” to Abdulkasim Madrasah was put at the beginning of 19th century.

Abdulkasim Madrasah is a monument to Abdulkasim Khan who was a wonderful intellectual of his time. Abdulkasim Khan paid about 30 thousand rubles for construction of this madrasah and every year paid for the education of 150 pupils. Due to some sources, he could retell the whole Koran from memory.

Such a great persons studied at Abdulkasim Madrasah: founder of Uzbek roman’s school Abdulla Kadiriy, initiator of the first university Munavvarkori Abdurashidkhanov, dramatist Gulyam Zafariy and Professor Abdurauf Fitrat.

Today Abdulkasim Madrasah is a school of national handicrafts and Handicraft Association “Khunarmand” (“Craftsman”) where you can see with your eyes painters, jewelers, wood cutters and miniaturists under their work and education. Here you can also buy original souvenirs as a memory from Uzbekistan.