Tash-Khauli Palace

Tash-Khauli Palace (“stony yard”) firstly called the Palace of Allakulikhan and was rebuilt at the gates of Palvan-darvaza. Tash-Khauli Palace reminds the castle with high walls, topped with towers and fortified with gates. In its architecture the traditions of Khorezm houses and outside houses (“khauli”) with its closed yards, shady columned ayvans and lodge are widely used.

Tash-Khauli Palace consists of three parts which are grouped around the inner courtyards. There is a harem in the northern part of the palace. From the south-east to the palace there is a place for the Khan’ receptions – ishrat-khauli, and from the south-west there is a place for legal proceedings (arzkhana). At the center of ishrat-khauli there is a round and raised platform where felted yurt of khan was usually placed.

Harem of Tash-Khauli Palace is separated with corridor from the official part. Its southern part is occupied by the five main spaces: the apartment of khan and his four wives. Two-story residential building along the yard was used for servants, relatives and concubines.