Dorus Saodat Complex

Dorus-Saodat Complex aroused after the death of the eldest son of Amir Temur – Djakhangir (1376), whose mausoleum has dome ceiling in the shape of a cone. In the past, both complexes formed a single complex and were part of the main Shahrisabz necropolis. There is a tombstone of Djakhangir inside of the mausoleum. Due to another version, this mausoleum was constructed in honor of the saint Hazrati Imam.

The complex is also famous for the crypt of Amir Temur which is situated on its territory. It’s considered, that the tomb of Umar-Shaykh is in the area.

The gravestone plate of Temur’s grandson – Sayid Akhmad which was discovered here, suggests that the necropolis was the burial place of Temurids and the aristocracy of the Barlas genus out of which Amir Temur originated.