Sultan-Saodat architectural complex is located in 3 km to the north-east of Termez.  The complex is considered to be ancestral tomb of Termez sayyids (descendants of the Prophet) who came from the imam Khusayn. This kind of cult complex was being formed over several centuries. Specialists dated the start of the construction to 10th-11thcenturies. Group
Dorus-Saodat Complex aroused after the death of the eldest son of Amir Temur – Djakhangir (1376), whose mausoleum has dome ceiling in the shape of a cone. In the past, both complexes formed a single complex and were part of the main Shahrisabz necropolis. There is a tombstone of Djakhangir inside of the mausoleum. Due
Crypt of Amir Temur is situated to the east of entrance portal of the architectural complex of Hazrati Imam. Experts believe that Amir Temur had prepared the tomb for himself. The monument is unique; there is no any analogue to this construction throughout the Near and Middle East. It has a cruciform plan due to
Aksaray (white palace) is an outstanding monument of the epoch of Temur (Tamerlane) and Temurids. Aksaray was built on the order of Temur after his campaign against Khorezm. The construction of the building started approximately in 1379. Two separate pillars of the entrance portal with height at more than 40 meters are currently survived till