4 days / 3 nights

It is an opportunity to get acquainted with Uzbek cuisine special to the Ferghana Valley. We will organize various culinary master-classes at your choice. You will be able to see the process and join in cooking and serving the dishes.


Day 1: Tashkent

Arrival at Tashkent
Excursion along the old part of the city (Khazrati Imam complex, Kaffal al-Shashi Mausoleum, Barakkhan Madrassah, Namazgokh Mosque, Tillya Sheikh Mosque, Kukeldash Madrassah)
Visit “Chorsu” oriental bazaar
Drive over Kamchik pass (crest of Kuramin mountain range, western Tian-Shan; altitude- 2268 meters)
On the way excursion in Kokand city (Khudayarkhan Palace, Norbutabek Madrassah, Dahmai Djahon Mausoleum, Modarikhan Mausoleum)
Arrival in Ferghana. Accommodation in the hotel and rest.


Day 2: Ferghana valley

Auto / Minivan
Breakfast at the hotel
Excursion along Ferghana valley (Gishtlik Mosque, Djami Mosque and Minaret, Mulkabad Mosque, Djami Complex, Mullakyrgyz Madrassah, Mavlanbuva Memorial Complex, Aksikent Settlement)
Culinary master-class and lunch – cooking of Ferghana pilaf or Ferghana “pirojok”
Excursion along Margilan city (Pir Siddiq Complex, Khodja Magiz Mausoleum, Chakar Mosque, Said Akhmadkhodja Madrassah, Toronbazar Mosque)
As per time availability, we can visit “Yodgorlik” FACTORY that is the only place in Central Asia where still the original hand-made way of silk production is preserved and used.


Day 3: Andijan – Namangan

Auto / Minivan
Breakfast at the HOTEL
Drive to Andijan
On arrival, excursion along Andijan (Djami Madrasah, Djami Mosque)
Culinary master-class and lunch – cooking of Andijan pilaf
Drive to Namangan
On arrival, accommodation in the hotel and rest
Excursion along Namangan city (Mullokyrgyz Madrassah, Ota Valikhontura Mosque, Mavlonbuva Complex, Khodja Amin Mausoleum)
As per time availability, we can participate at Flowers Festival at Babur Park in Namangan (August 20th-21st)


Day 4: Namangan – Tashkent

Breakfast at the hotel
Excursion along Chust town to see the ancient center of artistic handicrafts (manufacturing of national knives “pichak”, embroidering of national skullcaps “tyubeteyka”, in spring “Birds Day” in local park, bazaar of hand-made wares on Saturdays)
Drive to Tashkent
Culinary master-class and lunch on the way through Kamchik pass
Stop over the bazaar of national bread “lepyoshka” and dry-fruits on Kamchik pass
Arrival at Tashkent and accommodation at the hotel
Transfer to the airport. Flight to the next destination from International Airport of Tashkent

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