10 days / 9 nights

This cultural-educational tour along the famous cities of the Great Silk Road will acquaint you with the ancient history and culture of Uzbekistan. You will visit such ancient cities as Samarkand, Shakhrisabz, Bukhara and Khiva with their wonderful monuments and will visit Termez city as well that is situated on the south of Uzbekistan where the excavation works of Buddhist monuments are being conducted.
High and elegant minarets, great madrasahs and mosques, middle-aged palaces and mausoleums decorated by wonderful ceramic ornaments, unrepeatable color of eastern bazaars, mysterious legends, old traditions and warm hospitality of local people will impress you indelibly and stay in your mind for long.


Day 1: Tashkent

Flight / Minivan / Bus
Arrival Tashkent.
Transfer to the hotel. Time for rest.
Excursion along Tashkent: Khast Imam complex, Chorsu bazaar, Amir Temur Square, theatre square and Museum of Applied Arts.


Day 2: Tashkent – Urgench - Khiva

Flight / Minivan / Bus (30km)
Flight to Urgench. On arrival, drive to Khiva (30 km).
Excursion along Khiva: Ichan-Kala – museum city under the open sky preserved by UNESCO, Kalta-Minor minaret (19th c.), Kunya Ark fortress (17th c.) – previous residence of Khiva khans, Pakhlavan Mahmud complex (14-19th cc.) – national hero and poet, Islam Khodja minaret and madrasah (1908), Djuma mosque (10-18th cc.), Tash Hovli and Allakulikhan palaces (18-19th cc.).
Check-in to the hotel and time for rest.


Day 3: Ayaz-kala – Toprak-kala

Bus (130km)
Excursion out of the city to visit ancient fortresses of Khorezm (1-2nd cc.): Ayaz-kala, Toprak-kala.
Return back to Khiva by evening time.
Free time at your own.


Day 4: Khiva – Bukhara

Bus (503km)
After breakfast, drive to Bukhara.
On arrival, transfer to your hotel and check-in.
Time for rest after long road trip.


Day 5: Bukhara

Minivan / Bus
Excursion along Bukhara: Chashmai-Ayub mausoleum (14-19th cc.), Poyi-Kalon complex (12-16th cc.), Miri-Arab madrasah (16th c.), Lyabi-Hauz complex (16-17th cc.), Samanids mausoleum (9-10th cc.), Nadir Devonbegi madrasah (1622), Ark Citadel (6-7th cc.) – this is citadel from which ancient Bukhara had begun, Chor-Minor minarets (18th c.), Sitorai Mokhi-Khosa – “The palace of the Moon and Stars” – summer residence of the last Bukharian emir (19th c.).


Day 6: Bukhara – Karshi - Termez

Bus (434km)
Today we will drive on the route Bukhara – Karshi – Termez (434 km, 8 hrs). Besides the ancient Erkurgan city several more monuments belong to the historical sights of Karshi: Odina madrasah (16th c.) which was the only educational institution for women in the region, Kok Gumbaz mosque (16th c.), Bekmir (16th c.), Kilichboy, Khodja kurban, Magzon and Charmgar (19-20th cc.), brick bridge over Kashkadarya (16th c.), Sardoba (16th c.).
Friday mosque Kok Gumbaz in Karshi that is located near to the city bazaar is close by its construction to the mosque of the same name in Shakhrisabz.
Arrival Termez. Transfer to your hotel and check-in. Time for restl.


Day 7: Termez

Minivan / Bus
Excursion along Termez: ruins of Buddhist monasteries in Kara-tepa (2-4th c.), Buddhist complex Ayaz-tepe (1st c.), ensemble of the mausoleums Sultan-Saodat with the graves of aristocracy of Samanids period (9-10th cc.), Kirk-kiz country estate (9-10th cc.), Khamid al-Termizy mausoleum (748-869), Kampir-tepe settlement (40 km far from Termez) – a place famous for its middle-aged minaret and local museum of history.


Day 8: Termez – Shakhrisabz – Samarkand

Bus (384km)
Drive to Shakhrisabz (300 km, 5 hrs).
Excursion along the city: ruins of Ak Saray palace (1380-1404), Dorut-tilyavat ensemble (14-15th cc.), Dorus-siadat ensemble (14th c.), Amir Temur monument, Kok Gumbaz mosque (1435), Djami mosque (1915), Djakhangir mausoleum (14th c.), Chor-su trade dome.
Drive to Samarkand. On arrival, transfer to your hotel and check-in.


Day 9: Samarkand – Tashkent

Bus (354km)
Excursion along Samarkand: “The heart” of Samarkand – famous Registan Square (14-16th cc.) with three madrasahs – Sherdor, Ulugbek and Tillya-kori, great Bibi-Khanum mosque (15th c.), wonderful Guri-Emir mausoleum (15th c.) where Tamerlan, his sons and a grand-son Ulugbek are buried. Continuation of the excursion: Observatory of Ulugbek (1420) – Tamerlan’s grand-son, famous governor and scientist-astronomer, Shakhi-Zinda (11-18th cc.) – necropolis of the governors and aristocracy of Samarkand that consists of many well-decorated mausoleums, local bazaar Siyab.
Drive to Tashkent (290 km, 4 hrs).


Day 10: Tashkent

Transfer to the airport, flight to the next destination.

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