Chashmai Ayub Mausoleum

Chashmai Ayub Mausoleum belongs to the esteemed places. Legends say that the bible prophet Ayub (Job) once visited this place. A blow of his staff created a well (chashma). Its water remains pure to this day, and is considered to have healing powers. According to legend, a holy structure already existed here in the 12th century. The inscription on the portal states that today’s structure was built by Amir Temur.

Characteristic of Chashmai Ayub is a conical dome, typical of Khorezm architecture of the 13th and 14th centuries. Most likely, Khorezm masters invited by Temur were the builders of Chashmai Ayub Mausoleum.

Nowadays, there is a Water museum and Carpets exhibition inside of the mausoleum.