Miri Arab Madrasah

Miri Arab Madrasah is situated opposite to the Kalon Mosque. This is one of the most esteemed spiritual Islamic universities all over the world.

Madrasah was built at the Sheybanids’s governing in the 16th century in account of trophies of the nephew of Sheybanikhan – Ubaydallahkhan. Khan gave them to his teacher – the head of Bukhara Muslims Miri. The last came from Yemen and was a pupil of Khodja Akhrar. Madrasah has traditional layout. There are two floors of hudjras surrounding four-ayvaned courtyard. The main façade in the center has a portal with two-storied loggias. Façade is flanked with small towers – guldasta from both sides.

In the center of gurkhana (burial vault) there is a wooden gravestone of Ubaydallahkhan. Sheikh Miri Arab’s tomb is situated at the head. We can see carved mosaic in the decoration of the mosque. This construction is included into the ensemble of the minaret and the mosque of Kalon. Nowadays, there is an acting spiritual school on the territory of this madrasah.