Stars: Address: 26, A. Navoi Street, 150100, Ferghana Number of rooms: 57 Description: The hotel is located next to the city mayor's office, not far from the shopping center. All the rooms are equipped with air conditioner, telephone, and minibar. Private bathrooms with bathtub are stocked with shampoo, soap, tooth paste, and tooth brush. There is an
Stars: Address: 7 A, Pushkin Street, 150115, Ferghana Number of rooms: 32 Description: The hotel is situated in the city center, about 3 kilometers from the airport. This is elegant and hospitable private hotel, built in business style with comfortable rooms, nice restaurant, bar, sauna, billiard room, and conference hall. There is a beautiful spacious inner
Stars: Address: 70, Tashkent Street, 150500, Ferghana Number of rooms: 10 Description: It is comparably new hotel situated in Fergana Valley. The rooms are equipped with cable TV, hair-dryer, refrigerator, air conditioner, Wi-Fi. The hotel has a conference hall, souvenir shop, sauna, restaurant and bar, bowling club, swimming pool, parking zone, laundry and etc. Dangara-Hotel-Ferghana Dangara-Hotel-Ferghana
Stars: Address: 31, Istiqlol Street, Kokand Number of rooms: 21 Description: Homelike environment, convenient location in the city center, walking distance from the shopping and amusement centers and parks nearby are just few reasons to stay in that hotel situated in Kokand city. City’s main Museum – great Palace of the last Khan of Kokand –Khudoyaris