Bolo Hauz Mosque (over the pool)is situated at Registan Square near Ark Citadel. The mosque is built in classic style of Central Asia: there is a winter building built in 1712, summer ayvan of the beginning of 20th century with sumptuous painted ceiling and ancient wooden columns. Nearby the hauz there is a small minaret
Ark Citadel is a fortress located at Registan Square. Ark is considered to be one of the oldest monuments of Bukhara. The buildings inside of the Ark were built during the end of 18th and beginning of 20th centuries. During many centuries Ark remained the main residence of Emir. Due to its shape Ark remembers
Stars: Address: 13, Khodja Gulrez Street, 200100, Bukhara Number of rooms: 22 Description: The legendary house which once belonged to Kushbegi (military chief) Urganchi, one of influential persons of old Bukhara, is located in the depth of the narrow twisty streets of old Bukhara near to Khodja Gaukushan ensemble and Goziyon Madrasah. Nowadays it is a
Stars: Address: 40, Barakiyon Street, Bukhara Number of rooms: 8 Description: It is the small private hotel located in the ancient house of the 19thcentury, where a rich merchant family has lived. The history of this house is very rich.The uniqueness of this hotel is that the most parts of the house such as the hall
Stars: Address: 91, B. Naqshbandiy Street, 200100, Bukhara Number of rooms: 11 Description: The hotel is located between the Chor Minor and Lyabi Khauz historical sites. It has a unique atmosphere being situated in the building of 19thcentury which before was a caravanserai. All the rooms are individually decorated in traditional style. Mekhtar-Anbar-Hotel Mekhtar-Anbar-Hotel Mekhtar-Anbar-Hotel Mekhtar-Anbar-Hotel
Stars: Address: 73, B. Naqshbandiy Street, 200100, Bukhara Number of rooms: 8 Description: The hotel is situated in the former madrasah built in 19th century. Previously, it was a madrasah where students lived and studied philosophy, religion and etc. Wonderful mix of antiquity and modernity spirits makes this hotel marvelous and unique for the travelers. The rooms
Stars: Address: 1, Kh. Porso Street, 200118, Bukhara Number of rooms: 12 Description: It is located in the historical center of Bukhara close to famous Nodir Divan begi madrasah. The hotel is built in local architectural style of the 19thcentury. Same style is traced in the decorative elements of hotel interior thus creating a special oriental
Stars: Address: 6, Khodja Nurabad Street, 200121, Bukhara Number of rooms: 28 Description: The hotel has an excellent view to the Ark Citadel and Kalon Minaret. It is determined to apply a high level of international standards of comfort and offer quality accommodation, combined with an experience of Uzbek culture. Caravan-Hotel-Bukhara Caravan-Hotel-Bukhara Caravan-Hotel-Bukhara Caravan-Hotel-Bukhara Caravan-Hotel-Bukhara Caravan-Hotel-Bukhara
Stars: Address: 11/2, Eshoni Pir Street, 200100, Bukhara Number of rooms: 18 Description: The hotel is located on the border of the old Jewish quarter and the modern part of Bukhara. This convenient location enables to reach quickly the main historical monuments and important traffic centers of a new part of the city. Each room is
Stars: Address: 3, Sarrafon Street, 200118, Bukhara Number of rooms: 14 Description: It is a small and cozy private hotel located near to the main historical complex – Lyabi-Khauz complex. The hotel consists of two floors and opened in the ancient Jewish house. The house was reconstructed, but traditional Bukhara interior and decoration approaches of