9 days / 8 nights
Before appearance of Islam on the territory of modern Central Asian region there was Buddhism religion widely spread there. Due to archeological excavations it had been known that Termez city was one of the biggest centers of Buddhism in the Central Asia. Many structures of Buddhist style were found in the northern-western part of the city.
From that place with the help of monk-pilgrims Buddhism religion reached China and Tibet through the Great Silk Road.
Choosing this tour You might have an opportunity to find fragments of crockery of that ancient time or even sculptures of Buddha on the places of excavations!



Day 1: Tashkent

Arrival Tashkent by evening time. Meeting at the airport by guide.
Transfer to the hotel. Accommodation.
Overnight at the hotel.


Day 2: Tashkent – Ferghana

Sedan cars (348 km)
After breakfast, panoramic tour over Tashkent: visit Khasti Imam Complex, eastern bazaar Chorsu; and new part of the city: Opera and Ballet theatre named after Alisher Navoi, famous Chimes and Amir Temur monument.
Drive to Ferghana on sedan cars through Kamchik pass.
Arrival. Accommodation and overnight at the hotel.


Day 3: Ferghana – Kuva – Margilan - Tashkent

Sedan cars (348 km)
Today we will visit Kuva city where the remains of ancient city structures concerning to the 3rd century B.C. were found. Buddhist temple of 6-8th cc. was found as well on the territory of that city. And in 1956-58th out of the city walls a Buddhist temple of 7-8th cc. with clayed statues of Buddha and other deities of Buddhist pantheon was opened; there are remains of dwelling and other buildings of 7-10th cc. on the top of the citadel.
Later we will visit silk-spinning factory “Yodgorlik” that is located in Margilan city where we can see the full process of silk production as well as the manufacturing of silk and silk mixture fabrics such as: atlas, adras and others.
Drive to Tashkent. Accommodation on arrival.
Overnight at the hotel.


Day 4: Tashkent – Samarkand

Bus (354 km)
After breakfast drive to Samarkand. Excursion over the city.
Samarkand preserved the masterpieces of middle-aged architecture that stands on the same level with the architectural monuments of the ancient India, Egypt, Greece and Rome.
You will see splendid Registan Square, Guri Emir mausoleum where the dynasty of Temurids is buried, Shakhi Zinda necropolis that consists of many mausoleums and the cathedral mosque Bibi Khanum.


Day 5: Samarkand – Termez

Bus (384 km)
In Samarkand we will also visit Mirzo Ulugbek’s Observatory and a FACTORY of silk paper production that is the only factory of that kind in the whole Central Asia.
Drive to Termez. Accommodation on arrival.
Overnight at the hotel.


Day 6: Termez

Bus (suburb of Termez)
Drive to the monument of Buddhist architecture – Zurmala Mortar that concerns to 1st century B.C. Today it consists of the remains of Buddhist mortar which was wonderfully decorated with stony relief in ancient times.
Later we will visit Buddhist temple Fayaz-tepa situating in the northern part of the Old Termez. The rooms of the monastery were located on the perimeter of the big yard with traditional awning – ayvan. Inside of the monastery was decorated with wall paintings, stony and clayed sculptures of Buddha, Borisatva and other personages.
Within 1 kilometer from Fayaz-tepa there is Kara-tepa city where a big center of Buddhism is located that consists of more than dozen various mortars. In the last decades Uzbek-Japanese joint investigations has being conducted in Kara-tepa by the scientists-archeologists Edward Rtveladze and Kato Kyudzo.
Today we will also visit Kampir-tepa fortress which is considered to be a crossing place of Greeks. Kampir-tepa is situated on the right bank of Amudarya river, so that it was one of the most IMPORTANT cities of Bactria. The territory of the city was about 4 hectares and a lot of fortresses and shakhristons were situated here.
Transfer to the hotel and overnight.


Day 7: Termez

Bus (60 km)
After breakfast continuation of the excursion: Djarkurgan minaret that is situated in the region of the same name in the distance of 35 km far from Termez. The minaret was built in 1108 by Sultan Sandjar. It is built of burnt bricks and impresses the visitors by its architectural style. The height of the minaret is 21 meters.
On the way we will see Macedonian bridge and a village “Macedon”.
Then, we will drive to Dalvarzin-tepa city that is located in the area near to Surkhandarya river. The remains of Buddhist sanctuary were found there; due to the coins that had been found here it concerns to the 1st century. Second Buddhist complex with statues of Buddha and Bodhisattva and Bactrian temple with wall paintings of priests and babies were found here as well. The most impressive monument of that epoch is “golden” treasure with 36 kilograms weight that was found in Dalvarzin-tepa and consists of the objects and jewelry made of gold, silver and PRECIOUS STONES.
You can see many finds of the excavations of ancient Buddhist temples in the Archeological Museum of Termez.


Day 8: Termez – Karshi – Tashkent

Bus (273 km) / High speed train
Drive to Karshi city. Then we will take the high speed “Nasaf” train to Tashkent (14:25 – 20:02).
Arrival Tashkent. Accommodation and overnight at the hotel.


Day 9: Tashkent

Transfer to Tashkent Airport.
Flight to the next destination.

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