Kutlug Murad-Inak Madrasah

Kutlug Murad-inak Madrasah is situated in front of the madrasah Allakulikhan. Kutlug Murad-inak was an uncle of Allakulikhan and buried inside of this madrasah. He died outside of the city and the wall of Ichan-kala was specifically broken for his burial. Kutlug Murad-inak madrasah was the first two-story madrasah in Khiva in its time. This is the only monument of Khiva where unglazed layered terracotta is used.

Abdullakhan madrasah is situated in the southern part of Kutlug Murad-inak madrasah. It was built by Kutlug Murad-inak’s wife dedicating to their son Abdullah who died when he was 17 years old in Turkmenistan in 1855.