Ark Citadel

Ark Citadel is a fortress located at Registan Square. Ark is considered to be one of the oldest monuments of Bukhara. The buildings inside of the Ark were built during the end of 18th and beginning of 20th centuries. During many centuries Ark remained the main residence of Emir.

Due to its shape Ark remembers prolonged rectangle. It is situated in the center of western part of today’s modern city. The area of Ark monument is 3.96 hectares. The height from the level of Registan Square is 16 meters.

The main entrance of Ark is architecturally decorated in the shape of two column-shaped towers. The top of the towers is adjoined by the gallery over which there is a space with terraces. The doorway to Ark gates is made as a path going up step-by-step which leads to Jami Mosque. The path from the both sides is guarded by stony handrails, and a big leather lash was hanged on one of the walls (as a symbol of Emir’s power). Long dark corridor begins from the gates on the perimeter of which there are water reservoirs and cells for prisoners.

There are many buildings inside of the Ark. The eastern part nowadays is an archeological monument. Childukhtaron Mosque is kept here and there is a history-folk museum nearby.